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Minicockpit miniFCU

the VRinsight MCP2a / FCU

VRInsight FCU
VRInsight FCU in night mode with blue backlight - hard to read

I purchased a couple of years ago the VRinsight FCU as used one via eBay.

unfortunately the rotary encoders have already been worn out quite a lot. So I purchased SMD encoders and replaced the most problematic one.

The other ones will have to follow as they also don't work reliable anymore. (HDG push for instance doesn't work at all).

I can not recommend that to try to replace them if you're not experienced in SMD soldering as the VRinsight stuff is really awful to repair.

The displays and buttons ar backlit in blue with awful contrast

Low quality buttons and encoders

Hard to repair

No support by the manufacturer at all - no published protocol

Take care if you run Mobiflight: It will try to upload the Mobiflight Firmware to the FCU if you don't exclude its com port from the update list in Mobiflight!

it offers plenty of buttons

displays that can be used with AxisAndOhs

8 rotary encoders included

The miniFCU

Is one of the essential user interfaces in Airbus planes.

So when the MiniCockpit MiniFCU was announced on Kickstarter, I kicked in as well.

Till now I didn't yet receive my reward.

What if...

I'll be not satisfied with the quality?

The MiniCockpit MiniFCU seems to depend on "their own" application and thus as closed system on their own support.

All good, if it goes well. If not, I'll probably head over to build the FCU on my own as well.

Build an FCU on my own

The basics for it I already have with my NodeMCU V3 / ESP2866 boards. I could extend them with I2C Displays (OLED white might be not realistic, but looking ways better and having higher contrast than this awful blue LCDs in the VRinsight FCU).

Materials I could use