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sketch of Garmin G1000nxi right frame

Garmin G1000nxi

One of the more GA-style planes I like to fly occassionally is the Daher Kodiak (K100) by Simworks studios.

It is equipped with Garmin G1000nxi suite which is already on a quite good level to work with.

So I decided to build a Set of G1000nxi hardware for better interaction with the system.

That's why i started with

The right frame of the MFD.

It includes lot of with dual rotary encoders plus a couple of buttons.

sketch of Garmin G1000nxi right frame
The right MFD frame of G1000nxi

As I mounted it on top of my MIP to keep the flexibility of the Monitor and the easily replaceable screen gauge covers I skipped the functionality for moving the map with the zoom-joystick and just added a simple zoom encoder.