Joe's Homecockpit
Voicemeeter Potato schreenshot


I'm running my sim in a rig with two seats. And I'm flying online as well. And i drive a pass shaker and environment sounds.

So audio has to serve PIC and FO and multiple applications simultaneously. That means multiple devices need to be supported.


like engines, pumps, actuators, wind, and cabin are played via active loudspeakers mounted in my shell.
I do not have a complex surround setting as I'm, doing the ATC anyway mostly via Headsets. I simply don't see any sense for spending a lot of effort and time into a surround setup if you're using anyway a headset with other sounds simultaneously.


After quite some while I got a Bassshaker as a gift which really pays in a lot regarding the immersion.

I run the Airliner sounds on the onboard audio of my mainboard. The bass shaker is also connected to that.

The ATC-audio

For ATC I run usually one or two headsets connected via USB or occassionally a Jabra 510 handsfree kit. It depends on what I want to do and who is flying with me.

I can also do intercom with the two headsets and, for example, as with modern intercom available, play music, and run as PIC ATC on the left ear and put FO onto the right ear.

No matter whether with MSFS, P3D, Swift, VATSIM or Altitude Client... This works brilliantly. Even voice control for Pushback Express works without problems.

And i can run easily Discord/Teamspeak/Zoom for chatter and VATSIM / IVAO for ATC with opposite MUTE/UNMUTE on PTT.

I can also make the mic from the FO only on intercom and hide her/him from ATC. 😁 So it's also a great setup if you fly with kids/guests online.

The Headsets

The audio mixer

As I'm using Voicemeeter Potato as virtual audio mixer.

Voicemeeter Potato schreenshot

It makes it easy for me to have one virtual device for the ATC stuff per direction which I can assign in all related apps. So same setup for VATSIM, IVAO, SWIFT, Discord, Teams, Zoom, Teamspeak and FS2Crew.