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checklist in cockpit

Single Pilot

Sorry, you'll have to process the checklist items one after each other by yourself.


Multi-Crew experience is something I can really recommend! 🍾 Especially as with MSFS and YourControls - Shared Cockpit it is really very easy to get into it.

My recommendation - which must not neccesarily match the SOPs of any airlines:

The pilot monitoring reads each item on the checklist, both pilots verify the switch or condition, and the captain responds.

Everything in the checklist is standardized, so the responses are predictable.

For instance, if the Before Takeoff checklist challenge is "Anti-ice" then the response might be "Off" or "Engine On, Wing Off".

But both pilots should be looking at the switch position

Implement it

to use the responsive checklist in your web project, just grab it from the open source repo
and grab the checklist.js, include it in your website head and reference it as custom-tag


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <script src="js/checklist.js"></script>
    <joeherwig-checklist checklistUrl=""/>

as the webcomponent is able to also load the checklist-defintion from URL you can load it also via queryParam 'checklistUrl'

So you can overwrite the configured checklist if you hand in the URL query parameter


you can load "your" checklists dynamically.

JSON description and example

See the definition on Swaggerhub

Use it

with your mouse, finger, on Smartphone, Tablet devices or how ever you like.