Joe's Homecockpit
photograph of backlight foil for an self made overhead panel

My Overhead panel

I decided to add an A320 Overhead panel into my relatively generic home cockpit. The reason for that is, that i really like the dark and forward facing cockpit concept of Airbus. The second arguument was, that it offers enough buttons and annunciators to also fly other planes like the Daher Kodiak or TBM with it.

The way round it won't work with just a few generic buttons to add the way more complex functionality of an airbus.

The demands

I wanted at least

The panel itself

was vectorized based on online available A320 Overhead documentation within Inkscape.

screenshot of picture search for A320 overhead panels

Then i decided to split it off into different layers for the laser cutting and the printing of the backlight foil.

Inkscape working screenshot with layers for overhead panelthe print-view of the final overhead panel backlight foil

Then i send the data for laser cutting to a partner nearby to Nuernberg who provided me with excellent quality of LED backlight optimized Acrylic plate.

the laser cut acrylic back plate for the overhead panel

The self-adhesive laminated backglight film i ordered at .

acrylic backplate and backlight foil assembled

It was really easy to apply and precisely printed. Fully serving my needs.

The cutouts for the korries, toggle switches and pushbuttons i cut after glueing it to the acrylic sheet with a simple cutter.