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ICAO phraseology trainer


Before starting to fly online - for instance on VATSIM or IVAO I was a bit frightened about the phraseology and when to say what.

As I had the chance to do a really brilliant course provided within the german flight simulator club FSC e.V. I really learnt a lot about aeronautical radio transmittions and how to prepare for what's going to happen.

The desire to be better prepared led to my wish to practice the transmittions more often without the pressure doing it directly online.

So i built up a small web component that is really easy to use and turns written transmitions via Text-To-Speech into something that i could listen to.

It is made publicly available under the Creative Commons by-NC-SA 4.0 license at

Try it out

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Stuttgart Delivery, DLH22G at position 13 with information U, requesting clearance and startup to Zürich.
DLH22G information U is correct, startup approved, cleared Zürich via runway 25, Rotweil5B departure. climb altitude 5000ft, flight planned route, squawk 4621.
Startup approved, cleared to Zürich via runway 25, Rotwe5B departure, climb altitude 5000ft, flight planned route, squawk 4631, DLH22G
DLH22G squawk is 4621
Squawk 4621, DLH22G
DLH22G readback correct, Contact ground on 118.605
Ground on 118.605, DLH22G.

Push back & taxi

Ground, DLH22G stand 13, requesting pushback and taxi runway 25.
DLH22G pushback facing east. Taxi runway 25 holding point A via M, L2, N.
Pushback facing east. Taxi runway 25 holding point A via M, L2, N, DLH22G.
DLH22G hold short of L2, give way to Eurowings 737 in O.
holding short of L2, DLH22G.
DLH22G continue taxi.
continue taxi, DLH22G.
DLH22G, when ready contact tower on 118.805.
118.805 DLH22G.


switching to the tower frequency and then after short listening into the frequency ...

Tower DLH22G, holding point A, ready.
DLH22G line up runway 25 and wait.
lining up runway 25 and wait, DLH22G.

Then after a short time

DLH22G, wind 220 degrees, 15 knots. Cleared for takeoff Runway 25.
Cleared for take-off runway 25. DLH22G.

After being airborn and switching to Langen Radar frequency 125.050:

Langen Radar, DLH22G 2000ft climbing 5000ft inbound Stuttgart.
DLH22G identified. Climb FL180.
Climbing FL180, DLH22G.


Poltringen to Pattonville

Poltringen traffic, taxi runway 35 DLH22G.
Poltringen traffic, lining up runway 35 DLH22G.
Poltringen traffic, taking off runway 35 DLH22G.
Poltringen traffic, leaving traffic pattern south to Balingen. climbing 4000ft DLH22G.