Joe's Homecockpit
example panel with portable sim panels in panel pc


I simply wanted to have the option to easily built my own panels running on cheap HW - like smartphones, panel PC, raspberry pi, Arduino etc.

The available solutions like Panel Builder etc. were not satisfying for me as they used bitmap images (low quality) instead of vector graphics or they where inaccurate (multiple 60mm diameter gauges where displayed in different sizes) and none of them was able to build the panels responsive (so mobile first).

The tech-stack

Lowest common denominator - and most future proof approach - I decided to go with web based technologies. So i ended up with HTML, JS, SVG and websockets. Including event-bubling etc.

The nice thing is, that if you make the server available on public internet, you can take your cockpit gauges with you and track your flight for instance on VATSIM / IVAO and check the aircraft data in the cockpit on your smartphone globally.

At that time when i started there was no FSUIPC Websocket server available, so i had to built one on my own.

The repos

are open source and hosted at

How does it look like?

What i've built already

example panel with portable sim panels in panel pc

Standard gauges


portable sim panels Garmin G5

GARMIN G5 Autopilot Indicator Bar

portable sim panels Garmin G5 autopilot bar

GARMIN generic Arc

portable sim panels Garmin generic arc gaugeportable sim panels Garmin generic arc for trim+flaps

GARMIN generic line single horizontal

portable sim panels Garmin generic horinzontal indicator bar

Bendix-King DME KDI-573

portable sim panels Bendix King DME KDI-573


portable sim panels gear indicator

More specific gauges

Additionally to the standard-gauges which suit for a couple of aircraft - as standard aircraft instruments in real world do - we created a few vehicle specific gauges.

ATC plaques

Those "gauges" are used to display type and aircraft registration on your panel. The current registration of the selected vehicle (and livery) is dynamically inserted on load. This is sometimes a great hint, if you fly online different aircrafts and you want the correct aircraft registration shown for hassle free ATC communications.

portable sim panels ATC badge for B60Tportable sim panels ATC badge for Lancair Legacyportable sim panels ATC badge for A320 / A20N