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sketch of universal hall sensor thrust lever kit

My levers kit

is not just for thrust levers but a versatile one. Such was not available matching my requirements regarding robustness, maintainability, price and flexibility at the time when I started designing it.

All the mid- to higher quality vendors available after the rise of MSFS in 2020 have not yet been available or are too expensive imho.


Adaptability to different aircraft

As mentioned before, I fly different aircraft. That's why I wanted to have a flexible solution that can easily adapt to Airliners as well as to GA planes of differnt kind.

But the demands are completely different like the different aircraft might have

As I didn't want to unmount and replace the full lever kits when changing the planes, I needed to find a solution which allowed to replace just the levers with assigned knobs and the detents.

An additional benefit of that design is, that I get it as future-proof as possible as I just need to 3D print and replace only the lever and the detent inset if an additional aircraft with other demands needs to be supported.

Robustness & price

An additional demand was to build it robst and to avoid wear and tear so to omit potentiometers and replace them with linear hall sensors.

So even if I break one of those 3D printed levers it's easy to replace within a couple of minutes with an new self printed one for just a few cents.

And the mounted main part is a quite robust monoblock carrying the six hall sensors well protected.

The hall-sensors used are just SS 495 A I can attach them directly to the standard USB gamecontroller HW - which is in my case Leo Bodnar BU0836A with Matrix board. They simply replace the potentiometers.

The corresponding 3x3x3mm neodym magnets are just put (not glued) into the lever. So if a lever breaks, I can just re-use the Magnet as well.

Btw... After using my lever kit since 2016 I did not manage to break anything. :-D

Standard-compliant / universal

As I'm using an GoFlight flight deck console as pedestal, I decided to design and build a kit that fits into the slots of the GoFlight size. That means, between the mounting rails I just have 150x50 mm avialable, which is quite narrow to add six hall sensors without interfering each other. Especially as the hall sensors are just 20mm away from each other and directly in line.

The outcome

sketch of universal hall sensor thrust lever kit
exploded sketch of universal hall sensor thrust lever kit

The great thing is, that if I want to switch from one aircraft to an other - for Instance from Kodiak 100 to Airbus A320 Neo, I just pull out the securing pins at the front and rear side and am able to pull out the levers together with the corresponding detent plate and knob. Then after putting in the new levers (or empty lever slot covers) I can fix them with the fixation pins and start flying.