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Speed up Blender texturing for MSFS Projects

To speed up my work on textures in Blender, I do the following:

  1. Export the current model with its textures using Blender2MSFS.
  2. In MSFS 2020, go the airport or other location of your scenery.
  3. Using Devmode, load the project file for the scenery (many people recommend NOT placing your scenery in your Community folder while developing the scenery).
  4. Open the scenery BGL in the Scenery Editor; this should load your models and their textures.
  5. Make changes to your existing models and their textures in Blender.
  6. Re-export the model using Blender2MSFS.
  7. Wait 5-10 seconds for MSFS to sense the change to the project files; it should now reload the scenery with your latest Blender changes.

You should not have to restart MSFS unless you add a new model. To get a new model into your scene, you have to compile the project that includes the new model, then load the project in Devmode in MSFS and add the new model to your scene. So that does require multiple steps.