ITIL4 Certificate

ITIL 4 certification

Even though I already worked a lot according to the patterns of professional Service Management according to ITIL, I decided to take the exam finally. As I felt already quite settled within the topics I decided not to book a training but just to enroll to the the exam directly.

So i purchased the „exam only voucher“ for the official PeopleCert online proctor exam at certnow and took the certificate just the next day.

It worked really like a charm. Only thing you should have in mind, is that there is no mock exam included.
The online proctor exam required to have the door of the room visible behind me. With my laptop cam (lower end of the screen) it was barely manageable as even standing on the short side of the table I was blocking nearly the whole perspective for the cam with my body.

Hint: The „ebook“ provided by peoplecert is unfortunately also only a webpage and not a epub!

Anyway… i succeeded the exam in first try easily which proves that I was not completely wrong with the directions I took. So happy to be officially ITIL 4 certified now!